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Privacy Policy

Uberstays pays respect to you and your privacy. This document contains our effort to show our attention to respecting out visitor and customer privacy. Furthermore, the purpose of this policy is to put you and every individual visiting our website in control of their personal information and how that information is processed.

This document is also our promise that your personal information will stay safe with us and that it will never be shared, unless permitted by you. Moreover, your personal info will never be used against you or used in any way that may be harmful for you.

Please read the whole policy in order to see how we process information and how it stays safe within this website.

What is the information that we need from you for our website, blog or application?

Upon registration, you will be asked to input the following information – your name, your email address, your mailing address, your phone number, credit card info and additional detail that may be helpful for us in order to enhance your experience. If any other kind of information is asked from you, please report that to us immediately.

When exactly is information required?

Every time you register, make a booking, order anything or simply enter the required information on our website will we receive it and keep it safe.

How is your information used and processed by us?

We use all the information that you give when you register, purchase something, sign up for the newsletter and other notifications, respond to a survey that we offer or surf on our website. All the information that you enter is used for the following reasons:

– To personalize your experience, as a user, and to make your stay on our website welcome by offering the kind of content that may be of particular interest for you.

– To generally improve our website and our service for all the people that visit it and want to cooperate with us.

– To be of better service to you and provide any kind of help that you may require.

How is your and every other visitor’s information protected on our website?

We try to scan our website as much as possible in order to detect all the possible threats and holes in security and repair them. This means that our website provides maximum protection of your information.

The personal information that you enter is always hidden behind heavily secured networks and it is only a small group of people working for Uberstays who have access to this information. These people are bound by contract to keep all the data confidential. Furthermore, all the sensitive information such as credit card information is encrypted by SSL technology.

There are also various other security measures implemented in our website in order to keep everything under control.

Transactions are processed in the gateway provider but are neither stored nor processed on our servers.

Cookies – do we use them?

Our site uses cookies. Cookies are just tiny files that are downloaded automatically from our website to your computer so that your computer can remember all the settings from our website. For example, cookies are used for remembering items in shopping cart, etc. Cookies are also used for remembering certain preferences that will make your stay on our website better and enhance your experience. Finally, we use cookies in order to store data about the site traffic and interaction on the site, once again, for the sake of improving our users’ experience.

What we use cookies for?

– For remembering items in shopping cart

– Saving users’ preferences, should they decide to visit our website once again. This means that you will not have to enter information once again to the required fields.

– Aggregating data about site traffic and interactions on the website for the sake of enhancing users’ experience. A trusted third party service may be used to track information on our behalf.

Each browser has an option which will warn you about cookies being sent. Furthermore, there is also an option of turning cookies off completely.

What happens if cookies are disabled in your browser?

If cookies are turned off in your browser, some of our website’s options and services may not function properly. This also means that the maximum user experience will not be enabled and you might miss on several minor things which may help you with browsing the website and making a purchase.

Third party disclosure

We will not sell, trade or make a transfer of any kind of your information to the outside parties unless we sent you a notice first. However, website hosting partners and other assisting parties responsible for operating the website are not included in this list as long as they agree to keep all the information confidential. Your information may only be released in case of appropriate compliance with the low, enforcement of our website policies and protection of our rights, property and safety.

Employee accountability

Only employees of Uberstays who have authorized access may see your personal information. If some of the employees who do not have access use your information, they will be prosecuted and subjected to disciplinary actions. Moreover, our information management systems are organized in such a way to prevent people without access to enter and see your information.

If you think that our Privacy Policy is violating your rights, feel free to contact us.

Contact us

Should you desire to contact us in order to ask us further questions, feel free to do by using the information below


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