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Find Yourself on an Indian Wellness Holiday: A Compilation of the Best Destinations for the holiday..on Offer

Published on August 17, 2016 by Admin

wellness holidays

India is seen as a prime destination the world over for wellness holidays, and for good reason. From Yoga to Ayurveda has its roots in the country. Even today, practitioners of the arts of wellness abound in regions across India. Let’s take a look at destinations in India that are especially lucrative for seekers of a wellness holiday here!

One thing to remember when you are looking to choose a wellness holiday in India is that the options are diverse and options, many. Here we take you through a comprehensive list of options available to you from beach spas to healing programmes.

What’s more, the country also offers a stunning variety of landscapes to choose from to experience your wellness holiday in. Without further ado, let’s take you on a tour across India – from the ancient arts of holistic health found in the low-lying plains of Kerala to those born in the lofty Himalayas.

The most popular wellness centres in Kerala persist where there has been a tradition of holistic health and healing. On offer are preventive, restorative and curative therapies that offer a whole gamut of options to the world-weary.

  • Ananda, Uttaranchal (Himalayas) – This one simply had to find a place right on top of our list. The unexploited environs of the mountains, fresh air and sparkling water provide, quite naturally, the perfect setting for a wellness experience.                                 Located at a convenient 45minute drive up the mountains from the Dehradun airport, getting to what at first appears to be a remote location hidden in the Himalayas couldn’t be easier. This is especially relevant for those who land in the country jet lagged and tired after long flights – for Dehradun is just a short flight from the country’s Northern capital –Delhi. In fact, the journey itself is an experience and not be missed, for it offers truly Indian visuals – from sightings of monkeys to a more impressive panorama that can be discovered at every turn!aananda wellness packages

Ananda means blissful peace and that is just what is on offer here in this Himalayan retreat. Plan for a week here and you will not be disappointed. Ananda has received various prestigious awards, including “Best Spa in the World”.

Upon arrival you are provided comfortable clothing ( a kurta-pajama) and other wellness paraphernalia – including a rudraksha to wear around your neck to sanctify your soul! With a body of staff that stands at a head count of over 200, the resort is maintained with utmost care and the guests taken care of in the same manner.

Ananda offers you a spa holiday beyond your expectations. The treatments and the ambience they’re held in are authentic and pristine, with the highest attention paid to detail and quality. Ayurveda is a common practice here, wellness food and drink to suit a variety of tastes are available and yoga is a daily practice and can be experienced in one on one sessions or group classes.

There are only about 78 rooms available though, so you might want to make your booking early us for a booking with this wellness

  •  Satvik Resort, Uttaranchal – Located at a comfortable 4700 ft above sea level, the Satvik resort in Uttaranchal has been built into a mountain slope with fantastic views of the mountains and valley below. It is essentially what they call a ‘Vedic retreat’ which assists you in taking time away from the humdrum of daily living. Yes, it cuts you off from the world – only for the brave of heart!satvik resort uttaranchal

Obviously, no television or radio to wake you up here. It is birdsong instead. This is typically followed by Yoga and Pranayama – the yoga of breath – sessions. Here, customized diets and massages from masseurs par excellence are available, one for each body type. The emphasis here is on achieving balance and harmony in the mind, body and spirit. And sitting comfortably on a yoga mat, peacefully gazing out upon the pristine landscape of undulating alpine meadows is undoubtedly one of the best ways to achieve that goal!

  •  Kerala – Need we say more?! This heritage destination is known the world over for its age-old traditions of wellness – including Ayurveda, the most popular wellness offering from the lush green environs of this South Indian state. While the Himalayan retreats have been on offer for ages now, it is only a couple of decades since Kerala as a centre for wellness opened up – bringing to the world the stunning array of wellness traditions that includes herbal medicine and healing arts such as Ayurveda which offer cures for every bodily pain from common backaches to everything else under the sun (or should we say under the skin?!).Krishnendu-Ayurveda_resort-Kerala

One highlight of wellness holidays in this part of the world is that several luxury resorts (and more economical ones) offer spas, massages, saunas, the works. Why, one can even experience the masseur’s soothing touch even while afloat on the calm backwaters of Kerala, atop a houseboat. Throw in just a morsel of what Kerala has to offer in terms of its cultural treats and what you have is a holiday par excellence.

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So pack those bags, take a break from your stress-filled city life and escape into the mountains or the backwaters to experience a wellness holiday that is easy on your mind, body and spirit!

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