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Booking and Cancellation Policy

Please read carefully all of the booking conditions and cancellation policy. We will consider these conditions agreed, understood and accepted by you as soon as the booking is done and confirmed. Terms and conditions may be updated and changed in the future whenever Uberstays personnel think it necessary.

Booking details

As soon as the Holidaymaker receives the Holiday Confirmation and are notified by Uberstays that their booking is confirmed, the Holidaymaker should immediately check for errors and mistakes that may have been made and report them within three (3) days to Uberstays. After three days no changes will be available for the booking. Uberstays has and reserves all the rights to administer/ correct errors and mistakes made by the Holidaymaker by charging holiday booking amendment fee.

Booking cancellation

If the Holidaymaker wants to cancel the booking, he or she should send the email or call the support team of Uberstays and express the wish to cancel the booking. The cancellation will become effective once the support team has received the email or the phone call from the Holidaymaker. Although this may be active, the cancellation term and conditions may still be different for every accommodation service that we offer. Read terms and conditions of the accommodation services carefully before proceeding to booking them. Also, take into account that most accommodations usually have „no cancellation“ and „no refund“ policies.

Other cancellations

If the desired accommodation is currently not available for whatever reason and the team from Uberstays is unable to arrange the desired accommodation, the team will find the most similar alternative accommodation available and provide it for you as a suggestion. The alternative accommodation will be in the same price range, of the same type and similar location.

Should the Holidaymaker perform any kind of payment and the accommodation becomes unavailable for whatever reason, Uberstays will refund all the money that had been paid by the Holidaymaker.

If the alternative accommodation requires certain additional fees to be paid by the Holidaymaker, Uberstays will not be liable for that.

The importance of Uberstays

– Uberstay is a website which is not directly involved in organization but rather acts just as the intermediary between property owners and the people who want to book stays. Although Uberstays does not own any kind of property nor do we manage them, we still retain the right to refuse booking if we seem fit.

– Once the booking has been made, a contract is created between the property owner and the individual booking the holiday in which it will be stated that the property owner needs to make the property available for stay.

Payment and bookings

– When the Holidaymaker receives the Holiday Confirmation from the Uberstays, they may consider their booking successful. The Holiday Confirmation is issued as soon as the payment has been received from the Holidaymaker.

– All the prices on the website are in Indian Rupees. Uberstays makes charges to the credit card every time the Holidaymaker uses the credit card to pay for the holiday. Therefore, it should be taken into account that the additional charges are applied when the payment is made. If the bank raises any charges against Uberstay for handling with dishonored cheques or any other kind of dishonored payment, the Holidaymaker should reimburse that to Uberstays within seven (7) days upon the raised charges.

– All of the payments are only to be made in Indian Rupees and not in any other currency.

– Uberstays has all the rights to correct errors that may arise in advertised and/or confirmed prices.

Brochure accuracy

– Uberstays’ considers all of the details about the property described on the website and brochures to be true and correct.

– If it happens that some of the details published on the brochures and the website regarding property is inaccurate, Uberstays personnel will do their best to change that and make it accurate and updated once again.

– Uberstays cannot accept any responsibilities which are connected to the changes in the Property and holiday destinations and are not updated on the brochures.

Force Majeure

Uberstays will accept no liability and no compensation shall be paid by Uberstays or the owner of the property in case of anything happens to the Holidaymaker during their stay in the property. This includes any kind of loss, damage, injury, disappointment, and inconvenience or otherwise. This also includes the case where the Property Owner and Uberstays are prevented from performing their obligations. This usually is important for the unforeseen reasons such as war, threat of war, riot, civil strife, industrial action, terrorist activity, natural and nuclear disasters, fire, adverse weather conditions, closure of international borders, disease, unavailability of transport services, interruption to the services and utilities and all the other smaller events which cannot be controlled by Uberstays and the Property Owners.